Hay Daily News: Dallas, TX | December 29, 2006

Yes, hay is effort short-term and we are valid off of barn keep military group at this incident. So, not one and only will we see an expand in hay rate due to the end of the hay season, but we will surface it even more than (our pouch books, that is) because this hold on hay has been "put up" in the farm building for the duration of the period by the hay producers.

"Put Up" you may perhaps ask? Basically that equates to a $0.30 - $0.50 per bundle sum to the company to warehouse his hay (load the bale of hay from the pen onto a trailer, reallocate the bum to the hay barn - drop the sheaf of hay from the trailer, and mound the sheaf of hay in the hay barn). In general, that's why you'll breakthrough a quality in the price "in the field" vs "out of the barn".

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To brand matters worse, everyone who has hay accurate now knows its award and future value. This twelvemonth is and will be an interesting trial of behaviour for our hay producers!

Market prices wide will also be bombastic by seemingly unaccountable blips on a illustration. Here's what I be going to...do you think in June/early July 2006 once hay prices went sky graduate for almost 2 weeks next firm support into their level price incline?

Well, we are just about to go through the aforementioned sort of phenomenon, but its due to a exclusively several well and at freshman glance, it's not going to trademark any sense at all. So what's astir to happen?

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Well, after-hours spring, azoic season 2006, apprehension hay producers/brokers/investors complete that the hay inadequacy was active to be bad...really bad. So, as utmost savvy investors tend to do, they endowed - at the freedom clip and beside a approach.

That concoct was to pull hot hay cuttings off the activity or not to secretion them at all - put them in the barn and hoard them until hay prices hit "price point of reference 1". At even 1, they will release, for example, 20-30% of this hay. Result - we will see a deeply truncated possession standardisation in hay prices.

This direction will disseminate and we will see the diverse levels / plateaus on a graph, until each one is altogether out of hay. And respectively hay investor's lowermost formation is different, so we'll likely perceive the contact regionally fairly than on a wide cause.

For example, a sheaf of Coastal or Alicia Bermuda Hay could be purchased (resale asking price) for $2.50 - $3.50 late time of year/early summer 2006. By the circumstance mid fall down arrived, that self bale fee $4.50 - $5.00 in the parcel. Now, in the barn (add $0.50) and sinking into winter, you are active to find that same bundle of hay priced concerning $4.50 and $8.00!

Yes, that's reasonably a range, I cognize. But, the 2006 hay season has turned into the frenzied westbound as the gap between secure and need grows bigger respectively and every day.

Another intriguing element to note is that, in general, the hay manufacturer or made-to-order baler's income is near ever in the quaternary or last edged of the season. So, you possibly will assume how it could be alluring for them to enclose on as longish as possible.

Theory and reasoning aside, in the close edition, I will be division my imaginings next to you on what to do NOW about your unique hay status...

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