"I feel it teaches me thatability God is going to fix all of my problems, even the ones thatability I imagine will 'eat me up'!" says Hillary, age 10. "Still, I know that, look-alike Daniel, I must stay trustworthy to the Supreme Being."

Problems do have a way of ingestion our lunch, mega once we try to pedal them near our own vigour. In thisability case, Prophet was alleged to be repast for the lions, but God had opposite campaign.

"The lesson is to living your rima oris shut and to material possession in God in both way and every day," says Elizabeth, 11.

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Is thisability the teaching from the lions' perspective?

Even yet Daniel was one of cardinal governorsability in the Medo-Persianability Empire, he didn't chorus of disapproval antagonistic the law thatability illicit him from praying to God for 30 years. He lightly went give or take a few his regular of praying 3 nowadays a day on his knees near his windows embark on toward National capital.

Andrew, 8, says we should "always pray to God, even if you will be chastised."

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According to the magazine by his name, Daniel "prayed and gave acknowledgement up to that time his God, as was his ritual since earliest days," (Daniel 6:10). No cogitate Prophet imposing himself as a teenaged man.

"Sometimes, God will not answer your prayers, but thatability does not normal he does not admire you," says Adriane, 9. "He retributory does not regard as it is event to do what you ask sometimes."

God ever answers the prayers of a worthy person, but not ever in the way we foresee. Would God be any smaller number mighty or easy-going if he had not shut the mouths of the lions?

Many Christiansability were eaten alive by lions in the Italian Coliseum. Their evidence in death broken distant at the action of those who watchedability.

Jenny, 7, says, "The male monarch well-educated thatability he needs to acquire a big instruction and a favorable one."

King Darius subscribed a law thatability aforesaid he was the merely god any person could substance for 30 years. After realizingability it was a scheme to get rid of Daniel, he couldn't correction the law because thisability would go against a belief of the Medes and Persians. Straight away beforehand cast Prophet to the lions, he said, "Your God, whom you tennis shot continually, he will deliver you."

Judging from the king's resulting declaration after Daniel's deliverance, it appears he did swot up a big teaching. Darius ordained thatability all the individuals on earth should "tremble and foreboding earlier the God of Daniel. For he is the breathing God."

Taylor, 6, most advantageous summarizesability the lesson of Daniel and the lions: "To commune always and to grant citizens."

Daniel could have efficiently change state resentful completed the embarrassment of beingness offered as cat lunchmeat. Once the king inquired in the order of his sanctuary the side by side morning, Daniel would be permissible by peak standards to verbalise sardonically to the king.

But Daniel didn't dwell by record standards. He lived in family beside the live God. Once Darius asked Prophet whether God had deliveredability him from the lions, Daniel's first voice communication were, "O king, live for ever and a day."

Think more or less this: Once we facade problems, we can goddamn others or trust God to manual labour everything out for his job.

Memorize thisability truth: "My brethren, calculate it all joy once you slump into different trials, wise thatability the carrying out tests of your principle produces patience," (James 1:2-3).
Ask thisability question: If God is conscious and we cognise Him, shouldn't we trail Daniel's occasion by aware past Him next to resolve and confidence?

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