Long formerly physicists stumbled onto out of sight 'dark concern and energy', metaphysicists had been experimenting and observant them victimisation the centripetal systems of their higher strength bodies. They mostly titled it 'subtle entity and energy' but it went by contradictory names in distinguishable places; the supreme popular one 'qi', 'prana' and 'kundalini'. 'Qi' is a mass word for 'energy' in Mandarin; 'prana' and 'kundalini' are terms that have equivalent meanings in Hindu metaphysics. This invisible physical phenomenon has not single been observed by those in the East, it has as well been studied in the West. In the West the occupancy 'L' vigour is sometimes nearly new. This 'L' vitality or 'life energy' has the said miscellaneous implication as qi and prana. Science has been powerless to measurement qi, prana, kundalini or L-energy head-on - only as it finds it tiring to measuring lightless substance or life straight.

Is light-tight business the same as fine matter?

Obviously some shade issue and tantalizing thing are imperceptible to furthermost of us who use the afferent systems of our physical-biomolecular organic structure just about alone during this period. However, win over yourself that they are the aforesaid by examination a indication of properties of tenebrous business next to elusive matter, beneath. (The roll is not complete. More and more than correlations are cropping-up as we exploration the problem in greater small point.)

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1. There is Mutual Affinity betwixt Dark/Subtle and Ordinary Matter

According to branch of knowledge journalist Robert Britt, studies put on view that on thumping natural object scales dusk issue and dreary business in galaxies evidence out the identical shapes and structures. "They go graven into virtually very same sheets and filaments, beside considerable expanses of near-nothingness in linking." According to metaphysicist Charles Leadbeater there is an chemical attraction between "astral" situation (a be of elusive situation) and material concern He says that planetary entity is attracted to carnal substance and moulds into its outward appearance as the physical-biomolecular natural object grows. Astral business follows its all change, 99% of which is tight inwardly the periphery of the physical-biomolecular organic structure. Conversely, in attendance are also observations which attest to that run-of-the-mill event water low tenebrous matter's advice. There is, in fact, a common affinity concerning pitch-dark/subtle situation and universal situation.

2. Dark/Subtle Matter provides the Invisible Scaffolding, Mould or Template for Ordinary Matter

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Physicist Chung Pei-Ma, an point to prof of astronomy at UC Berkeley, concludes that "the apparition natural object of caliginous business is a guide for the panoptical universe". According to Richard Massey, a dull matter canvasser at the California Institute of Technology, dim substance condensed primary. The gravitational attraction of grey thing next pulled standard substance into it. "The typical event flows gravitationally into this form of pitch-black matter scaffolding," Massey says "and is constructed inwardly that into the galaxy and the stars we see today." According to scientists, cimmerian situation and its gravitational attraction produced fancy event in a bearing connatural to how the feel of the earth shapes puddles of rain. This essentially system grey issue acts as a mold for workaday situation to be credited with and be formed. Dark concern has been regarded by scientists as thing that gives construction to nondescript entity. This method it allows monotonous substance to profess its fashion.

Barbara Brennan, former NASA somebody and now world-renowned verve healer, says that the "human dash field" has an organizing event on entity and builds forms; any changes in the stuff global are preceded by a revision in this pen. Metaphysicists, specified as Brennan, have been insistence for time of life that these ultraviolet fields descriptor the templates for the arrangement of the biomolecular unit. Metaphysicist Leonard Ravitz says that the concealed physical phenomenon fields spoon out as an physical science array to bread and butter the corporeal type in stature. In other than language they bestow the structure to our physical-biomolecular physical structure to allege its sort.

Brennan observes through with her "higher suffer perception" that an "energy grazing land matrix" in the appearance of a plant organ is planned by a industrial plant anterior to the malignant cells of a leaf, and afterwards the leaf grows into that at one time extant approach. In else words, the punch enclosed space acts as a mold for the maturity of the evident foliage. In Raymond Burr's experiments near industrial plant seedlings, he unconcealed physical phenomenon comic which resembled the ultimate big complex. He as well revealed that salamanders obsessed an vim corral created like-minded an full-size salamander, and that this plan even existed in an unimpregnated egg. Young salamanders were bounded by an electrical paddock of the said largeness as an mature amphibian. He too found that physical phenomenon comic about sprouts did not check to the come together of the seeds but to the silhouette of the full-grown manufacturing works. According to Leadbeater, the (invisible) "etheric double" is truly reinforced in beforehand of the human fetus. "Clairvoyants sometimes see this doll-like pocketable numeral hovering about, and presently inside the body of the mother", he says.

3. Dark/Subtle Matter generates Superficial Forms

Physicists Chung-Pei Ma and Edmund Bertschinger of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say, based on machine models of how menacing business would displace lower than the impetus of gravity, that dusk concern should come together littler clumps that face superficially like the galaxies and round clusters we see in our glowing (ordinarily panoptic) cosmos.

Metaphysicists, specified as Leadbeater, say that the etheric and celestial body bodies air superficially same the biomolecular article but they run differently, state supported on magnetic attraction fairly than for the most part organic chemistry processes as in the biomolecular physical structure.

4. Dark/Subtle Matter Astronomical Objects Outnumber Ordinary Objects

Ma and Bertschinger of MIT say that computing device simulations of the evolution of gloomful situation prophesy far much clumps of poorly lit concern than commonly telescopic lucent situation in a specified vicinity. According to Ma, "Our galaxy, the Milky Way, has roughly a dozen satellites, but in simulations we see thousands of satellites of gloomy thing."

Mystic Paramahansa Yogananda aforesaid in 1946 that "just as masses geological suns and stars roll in space, so in that are besides immeasurable stellar suns and moons." In 1957 metaphysicist Norman Pearson illustrious that so far (in Science) we have one and only thoughtful corporal planets; but here are likewise planets unruffled of 'super-physical' business. In fact, he says, "The super-physical planets manner the greater chunk of the planetal population of the Solar System."

5. Dark/Subtle Matter Particles Can Pass through with You

Compare the statement of murky entity particles, titled WIMPs, by a physicist next to the globules of L-energy, delineated by metaphysicist Paul Pearsall:

"If location are as umpteen WIMPs [i.e. menacing matter particles] as would be unavoidable to explicate the motions of galaxies, brobdingnagian numbers are whizzing done the legroom you are sitting in, and through your own body, in need you noticing" - John Gribbin, Physicist.

"It [i.e. globules of subtle L-energy] passes unchanged finished any specified substance and goose egg shields or deflects it" - Paul Pearsall, Metaphysicist

"We don't cognise what the lingering 90% of issue is, but this 'dark matter' differs from workaday matter in self able to miss proper finished both usual thing and otherwise brown matter, freshly similar ghosts are thought to pass by through nugget walls." - Theoretical Astrophysics Group, University of Oxford

Ron Cowen says, "Evidence indicates that when fast fragments of lightproof business meet, they don't impinge on as opposite issue do but pass by apt finished all other, ghostly." Observations by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory proposition that if depressing thing particles do collide, they do so relatively feeble. In different words, they will not be appreciably wooden on collision.

Leadbeater illustrious (almost a century ago) that subtle celestial body bodies can and do unceasingly penetrate one other fully, in need in the smallest injuring one different. "People on the solar plane," according to him, "can and do surpass through one other constantly, and through with fixed planetary objects." When endorsement through another subtle solar thing for a telescoped time, the two stellar bodies are not appreciably pretentious. However, if the incursion lasts for several time, Leadbeater says that they do affect one different "as far as the tax of convulsion [i.e. frequencies] are mixed up."

This is not surprising, as (according to plasma metaphysics) subtle bodies are magnetic attraction bodies. Hence, when two mere bodies leave behind through all other slowly but surely location would be magnetic force personalty - such as changes in frequencies and statistical distribution of charges ended the tantalizing physical structure. David Spergel of Princeton University, commenting on the assemblage by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, is of the display that "the aggregation do not regulation out interactions, opposite than gravitational effects, among obscurity substance particles." Hence bodies composed of subdued matter particles can act with one different electromagnetically. The gift of elusive bodies to exceed done other than subtle bodies and objects betrays the reality that they are calm of light gloomy situation.

6. Dark/Subtle Matter is of Low Density

According to scientists, the norm dim entity firmness in the Solar System is so much demean (a a trillion trillion present belittle) than that of rocks, hose down and opposite substances as usual saved on Earth.

Out-of-body researcher, Robert Monroe, observes that the 'Second Body' can enter walls and concludes that, "Anything that can perforate a wall must have intensely half-size density." Metaphysicist Leadbeater ascertained (around 1910) that stellar substance is lone relatively congealed. Almost a period of time ago he said, "The particles in the densest cosmological thing are additional apart, relational to their size, than even gassy particles. Hence, it is easier for two of the densest planetary bodies to overrun through all other than it would be for the lightest gas to distributed itself in the air." In else words, cosmological bodies are cool as a cucumber of "collisionless" aphotic situation.

7. Dark/Subtle Matter swiftly increases in Density towards the Center

A chamber victimisation the Sloan Digital Sky Survey provides the furthermost through proof yet that galaxies dwell at the foundation of giant, dim concern concentrations that may be 50 present time larger than the panoptical galaxy itself! The 'lambda refrigerated dim matter' quintessence is a in demand proven archetype that predicts that shady thing swiftly increases in compression towards the middle of a galaxy. Astrophysicists modeling the happening of threatening substance say that all stamp had a solidity that indisposed in the crux and fell-off toward the edges in the strict aforementioned way, case-by-case of its scope. Observations with the Chandra X-ray Observatory backing the breezy dark situation prototype. To theory test the model, researchers utilized Chandra's sour optics to mensuration the physical property and strength of the hot, X-ray-emitting gas in a galaxy clump whatsoever 4 billion light-years from Earth. The information obtained by John S Arabadjis and Mark W Bautz of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on with Gordon P Garmire of Pennsylvania State University in State College, recovered that the denseness is greater the individual it is to the nucleus of the agglomeration.

Leadbeater reported in 1910 that the densest group of subtle heavenly body concern is inside the fringe of the blue-collar article of a man. Similarly, he said, in the grip of the Earth, the greater part of the pack of its stellar situation is deepened together inside the precincts of its unremarkably apparent geographical world. The solidity chart of elusive heavenly body situation is consistent near the solidity profile of shadowy issue observed by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

8. Dark/Subtle Matter is "Weakly Interacting"

Physicists say twilit business 'interacts weakly' near ordinarily apparent entity. They could healthy have same that at hand are 'subtle interactions' involving dim and commonly seeable concern. The occupancy 'subtle' utilized by metaphysicists is not such different in intent from 'weakly interacting' previously owned by physicists to term the quality of interactions involving indifferent and overcast concern.

9. Dark/Subtle Matter is Composed of High Energy Particles

Dark substance particles consist of supersymmetric objects and particles. According to scientists, these are high mass-higher dynamism particles that have not been detected by our existing low heartiness material accelerators because of their flooding energies.

Subtle business (in traditional metaphysical theories) is well thought out to be made up of importantly enterprising particles which by and large becomes apparent (as objects) after some research in contemplation or comparable exercises. In Hindu metaphysics, we breakthrough references to not merely the "anu" (i.e. regular sensual particles) but "param-anu" (which are super-physical particles). Valerie Hunt, Professor Emeritus at UCLA and internationally reputable control in the constituency of get-up-and-go area medicine, says that "even past Hindu piece of writing asserts that the spirit natural object possesses a sophisticated movement [or rate] than normal matter-energy." Modern 'seers' were accordant in their judgment that tantalizing bodies lie of "as yet undetected high oftenness matter and energy" and have general - nightlong since any general notice of dusk entity or scientific theory theories.

10. Dark/Subtle Matter forms Webs

According to Britt, irrefutable studies lay bare that both average and cimmerian situation donkey work in concert to tallness a web of filaments in space, with untidy junctions where on earth galaxies clustering unneurotic. The resultant structures, he says, fix your eyes on something like arachnid webs.

In 1904 metaphysicist Annie Besant reported that, "During quality antenatal existence a sui generis cord weaves a network, a shining web of undreamt of brilliance and breakable beauty, next to infinitesimal meshes. Within the meshes of this web the coarser particles of the bodies are reinforced together." The Chinese stylostixis map of meridians in the physical-etheric article likewise resembles a web of vivacity. According to Brennan, the physical-etheric body is "like a amusing web of restrained beams". To a clairvoyant, "the etheric thing consists of a fixed office block of lines of necessitate and sparks of light-blue achromatic table lamp displace along these lines" she says. This web has been discussed in more detail in the author's nonfiction Acupuncture Meridians and the Cosmic Spider Web.

11. Dark/Subtle Matter is Subject to Gravity

"Thanks to a new investigation by physicists at Caltech and the University of Toronto, we can look forward to that lumps of misty thing gravitationally draw in each some other in just the identical way that lumps of median matter (like you and the Earth, for instance) pull each other." - Science Daily, October 2006

"Astral concern [i.e. gloom event] gravitates towards the central of the Earth, only just as blue-collar situation does." - Charles Leadbeater, Metaphysicist, 1910

According to Brennan 'aura' appears to have weight. Monroe believes that the 'Second Body' has weight and is premise to the gravitational military unit. (Weight is, of course, an result of the gravitative yank.) It appears that what was unconcealed by Science in 2006 was discovered by Leadbeater nigh a century ago and as well by umteen otherwise experimental metaphysicists.


There is with the sole purpose one inevitable conclusion: The darkening event and life of physicists is the faint thing and perkiness of metaphysicists. Sooner or next qi, prana and kundalini must be accounted for by Science low darkling issue and vigour - after all they are, by definition, brown concern and punch. It is besides chief to billet that the metaphysical proof vigorously suggests that sure individuals can see this muddy thing (using the sensory-cognitive systems of their complex vitality elusive bodies) which is ordinarily unseeable to best of us.

© Copyright 2007 Jay Alfred

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