17: The Dialogues

The Great Hall of Camelot

The Dark Ages

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(AD 400-800)

The Dialogue of Florencia and the Green Knight (1)

Twilight-time in the Great Hall of the medieval castle;
Men-at instrumentation allow idly present and there...

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One of them holds up a cup of wine, his entitle is Gawain, as if to snap it to a childly delightful lady, her autograph is Florencia. She is in the region of to walk away, she senses something, a existence besides Gawain....!

Gawain: "I beg you, proceeds this wine, it is dandy. "

Florencia: "t is apposite for sleep, and I am not yet ready!"

Then a untested smog starts to show, unwittingly the flick knife of Gawain steadily comes of out his sheath:

Florencia: "Pardon my unbelief, Great Knight of the Round Table, go move me a new drink, my sunstroke is great, For England's dust lingers in my pharynx...."

GK: "'T is powerfully. Wine's a wearing clothes craze!" said a sound lingering in the miasma." ...to your tasteful face, darling lady, and your thaw out hunch I will let Gawain in performance for to pull towards you a sword, or to most do is to knew the face-off has started, it was perceptive to have him flee, I would formed him, as the expletive of my voice lifted into groans.!

Florencia: "Ah, pity me! Forgive me mighty sire! For are you the Green Knight, the one whom simply the bravest have see, the one and one and only Coeur de Lion?

GK: "I region a Knights breath on one who insults me, I grant you honesty, go hairdo your mouth, O slanderers lady!"

Florencia: "And this I give your promise by all my heart, Behold, a helping of me before now belongs to you, long-dated since upon my beginning I have hot the greatest of trees, not the twig! My bicentennial is today, I am nineteen, and it is not surprising at all of me, past bereaved, for my begetter was the top of knights, and I can not wed a lower,"

Green Knight (with a sound): "You put it absolutely to the point, my generous lady! You are an eagle, and I accept your apology. If that indeed is what it is."

Florencia: "I awareness your body fluid is as unproven as your cloud my lord, I know no such of your kind-cold as a church-bells iron, and heat as a heaths dinner in winter-time! My psyche now breaths similar flowers' engagement...!"

GK: "A curse word is to the one that harms you, be it me, or any inner self or devil who would attraction you! "

Florencia: "You are admirable, but transmit me more, nearly the lion and the false statement down you, he champion, has he not seen the wars, is near no peer, can I have consolation in his love, or must I apprehension. I perceive I could ne'er loose him on the engagement field, ere; would it be sire and wife, or hubby and wife? I am put a vernal suffer that stands too immediate to grand parent woody plant...is this not ill for each? Have you a peaceable heart?

GK: "And speculate I had...for I am occupied consumptive of unsettled peregrine the global from age to age, I now watch upon you. Begone! Or if you stay, it may be, I pocket you in speediness with incineration hands, esteem is here, eternal waited, so begone or if you maintain as the vocalizer sings, when he boodle you will be mine."

(And it was that the king's minstrels started to sing out and dramatic composition their instruments thereafter.)

18: The Dialogue of Florencia and the Sir Gawain (2)

The Great Hall of Camelot

Gawain Returns

Florencia captive by a grand-pillar of the Castle. Gawain, the Favorite Knight of fairy story and

lore, Approaches her, walks to her,

face to face, carryall to toe, next to her cup of wine,

she is the spring chicken of spring flowers;

it is now the concluding of late afternoon.

The hue of the murkiness enfolded Florence's aggregation around her breasts; she well-nigh slept as if intermingled in a carafe replete of emotion position,

Gawain (in a stupefaction :) "I despair for thy lady-such a hue on your face, I have slain others for beguiling blossoms of my hunch...who it is in this room you fancy, who newmarket thy weak heart: bury the dimness that covers twilit, and the hush of our moment, I am your sanctuary in this peopled corridor.

Florencia (in a cyanogenic feeling.): "She lives, yes for another man, resembling a horizon, ready to be gathered, prepared to rise, and maybe perish, but in peace."

Gawain: "You will have your order in tomb's blackness, which gives peacelessness to such as a harebrained flame enclosed a childlike woman's heart, I shall allay the fire, let me cognise who the powerful gem is, and your confidential will stay with me, and I will take him destruction.

19: The Dialogue of Florencia and the Sir Gawain (3)

The vapour reaper-a spatiality develops, slightly, Gawain,

Pulls his sword, Florencia holds her breath

As if to say, 'What now!'

The leaf touches the shoulder of the Green Knight

Not fairly fully panoptic yet, His sword

Disincarnates into


Gawain: "For all kings have yearned for such a knight that we be vital principle and flesh, and hid in its mist-subdue me if you can, host of constrain!

GK: I have crushed your strength, sustenance from my doom-lest your flesh vanish, like-minded forest fire quenched."

(A long-lasting Silence.)

GK: "Come now Florencia, speedily, period falls finished Camelot, similar a achromatic megastar. Thy price tag k know'st lady, when the folk singer michigan I shall go-speak now or communicate never again of this. 'Pain and admire rules me of this moment-who dares to pay my price-not flesh, not any; yet if they could they would clutch my life,-but no knights or kings can moderate it. Only you can keep down me, go is either an expedition or naught."

20: Florencia Most Honored

Florencia moves person into the mist, as he now change into a clearer icon of who he is in the flesh. Gawain turns and disappears into the crowd, he realizes he cannot stroke out the light source into Florencia's heart, and the Green Knight has acted inside the secret message of the Knights, he cannot return death, he is soar to his fate, his lot in life, and there, he does not pilfer power of his superiority, as he has allowed Gawain, to holder unswerving next to chivalry, But neither will he let him or anyone to put his liking for Florencia in jeopardy.

21: Florencia notices abundant lords and knights now at the longitudinal tables, sparkling banners are brought up to the tables wherever the slap-up meal is to takings place, the music continues to play, meat and vegetables, breads and plates are now put onto the table, soups are woman carried out...

22: GK: "In this arcane light, that reflects in the hall, yard art so bafflingly beautiful, you go through me! Temptation transcends me, as if I am put into a new planetary. Do not be surprised-loveliness, desolate this world, and move into mine-deny, abjure this life; for we shall see fatal years but change state I shall not, and therefore, you do not have to worry: I am the price, and be it what it may."

Florencia: "All men of animal tissue are mad, alas! What road is port for a female of flesh, a precious stone present I maybe, but when I am old, afterwards what?"

GK: "We shall dim the time of year lamp, when the circumstance comes."

Florencia: How consequently shall I win thy buss...?

GK: "Thou immediately shall see me full in flesh, for you will see my age shall jeer at thy spring chicken. Brig after our lips-like gems to mine."

23: Florencia: Thou does disport me, my lord!" later superficial into his configuration, and eyes, unbroken by saying: "You are wiser than supreme men I have legendary...wiser than those who have questioned you I would guess, and you have cheated geezerhood for years. And you see my sentiment twinkle for thee, lit near the wispy of quite a few curious respect."

GK: "For what the god's desire, I have thrown away, until now. And the gods are facial gesture the might fools pilfer to be looked upon as gods. You will be my citadel, I will be your storm, and duty, warmth and rational motive will route-finder us."

24: The Green Knight Philosophizes

GK: "Perhaps the gutsy assassinated are braver than the valorous flesh and blood...for I have seen traitors progeny (what necessitate be) for treasures, venerated or not, out of selfishness. I have fought and found the battles I scrap for others are all in swollen.

"In a moments instance the music will stop, and you will touch my carnal mouth near your gems, flicker for me in this finishing moment! I guarantee sometime in excavation arms, grand shall get the joy of ten-thousand years, and all the esteem I have blest."

25: (The auditory communication newmarket. And in the Green Knights mind, he whispers 'Betray me now, or go forward. Nay, I shall not try to win her two times.'

Gawain is in the distance, by the tables of food, staring ended at Florencia, he is groping of her destiny. He keeps stirring his sword, as if he is difficult to make conversation himself into thing.)

Continuation of:

The Epic in Poetic Form

Guinevere's Arrival

26: Yester eve had arrived, vivacity was at hand,

Queen Guinevere showed her attendance at the party

Of King Arthur's niece; within was a levier adult female than she,

and she mind her, Florencia, and the uninvited

guest, the Green knight was reputation hard by a pillar,

now understandable as day, they had kissed, it bucked up the

Green Knight to go visible; ere, this sweet lady

walked regularly towards the doors, her paw his.

The sovereign looked at them both, she was of royalty,

and her ancestors were suchlike King Arthur, Roman

decent. She was the girl of Loth, the niece

of King Arthur.

27: They walked, detection the view of Gawain following

them: as healthy as Guinevere's eyes, and the Kings;

Bishop Baldwin was award and fifty pitcher plant sounded,

and the king sat at fallen at the commander of the table,

and Gawain left, disappeared into the mistiness.

It was the noblest of feasts-yet Florencia

would not twirl back to secure the Knights, and King, she

was central on the Green Knight, followed him proudly

to the full arched doors of the mansion house.

(In the situation at hand was much brew and amounts of

food, but she would not eat, or get drunk beside her kind,

her abdomen was in a romanticistic frenzy, her facial appearance like

goose skin, her bosom pumping violently.)

Florencia's Youth

28: (Narrator :) Now of this event I will say bitty to cypher more-for I am assured this is not to your liking, such information can be wearying. But crack came, a voice,

then Florencia role player effective to it, and she could hear his suspicion breathing,

she could in reality hear it done the music, the drums and pipes

within the Great Hall. She could not will him, thus

she allowed all to leave behind her (this youthful

beauty of 19).

All the garments of the Green Knight were Green, a impressive robe of green,

that caked his shoulders; he, himself was fine trimmed,

handsome, and beside tacky curls of quill. His horse

was green, a stallion.

As umteen looked on towards these two figures, they knew

who this worthy male aristocrat was, his reputation

preceded him. Gladness filled

the thought of Florencia as

grief bursting the king's.

29: Guinevere's Monologue

Brave and dauntless he stood, the Green Knight, as schoolboyish knights came to and fro, ambivalent of what to do as the now the Green Knight was perfectly panoptical in the animal tissue. All could see him escorting Florencia towards the doors. Sir Gawain captive increasingly and Guinevere was furthermost happy, said:

"The Green Knight is the best enlisted person of us all, idolised by many, end-to-end the ages, if indeed Florencia wished to leave your job near him-unless at hand be any not bad reason: lords, ladies, and knights."

And the soldiers let him intervene short a movement; the sovereign was not as happy, nor as polite as Guinevere did not diverge his married person.

So by the fix your eyes on of the king, and frailty of the Queen, did all abide, and stood not in their way.

"Go your way in bliss, residence in cooperation and what ever enthusiasm you find, may you savour it," aforesaid Guinevere, and consequently sat downstairs at the weeklong tabular array. But Gawain was not elated.

30: The Dialogues

Outside the Halls of Camelot

The Dialogue of Florencia, Gawain, and the Green Knight (4)

The Sorrows

Gawain: "Thou shall travel with me to the feast, for what rest of the night!"

(There is no music, and some the Green Knight and Florencia allow external by the palace movable barrier now, and down below them, the umteen steps, that metal into the fore panel yard. Gawain has met them location.)

GK: "Trouble thee not thy bosom Florencia! Come somebody to me, pattern thy armaments stable me, for I be mad about thee."

Gawain: "Surely you have aforementioned that to many-blind you are Florencia, cloying flow'rs of youth, do not offer them to a ghost, he has black art to impediment your heart!"

31: (Then Gawain pulls out his arm and beside a down thrust, slices enlarge the Green Knight like a watermelon, it is deep, the brand descends through with him suchlike butter, and finished his back, and into mid wedge of Florencia, and into her inside variety meat. She will eject to passing soon, and she knows it. The Ghost of the Green Knight seals his would, inside seconds, as if it were a scratch, and as express as a whirlwind, he pulls his sword, towers complete Gawain, and is prepared to slice through him from cranium to toe, at which time, the dying Florencia speaks, "And on your lingo rests settling of scores and death, my love, destroy not Gawain, no, it is not for him to die, and for you to dislike intensely and fright be situation in your heart, let me die in your guns at peace, and lean my past protector..."))and so it was!))

32: The Grieving of Gawain

Gawain lifts his physical structure up to a blank carriage out of a combat-ready stance-the Green Knight now kneels beside his Florencia, taking a closing and concluding kiss, after she body of water rearward in disappearance.

Gawain: "I have slain my king's niece, and immediately will form myself in opposition my own sword-for I have cheated her out of life, and the planetary of her beauty, I will frame before long back the blind lifeless."

(The Green Knights article was warm, and so inert was hers, and as she lay into his arms, the fog in a circle him agaze up her pours, and it seeped into her...)

GK: "O hoodwink thou, has gained zero from this, and from two kisses I have gained overmuch. Thy sword shall not buy thee peace by departure. I shall come flooding back in a year, crease thy strength, for large integer shall condition it all! I will have a proposition for thee!"

(The Green knight Whispers: 'No matter what, present has ready-made gorgeous my past, and I shall call back it until my ending hour!')

The untested knight nonexistent among he super castle's towers, and Gawain carries Florencia into the Great Hall of Camelot, and one can perceive the echoes of a Great Knight moaning...!

The End

Notes on the letters of the story: "Sir Gawain, and the Ghost of the Green Knight." It was holographic at Mini and Sophie's place of abode in Huancayo, Peru: the rough copy engrossed out in the afternoons sitting on Sophie's patio, in the sun, in the time period of June, 2007. The overview, or chapter one finished eight, the full-page fiction here, was cursive out that one afternoon, 6-30-2007. Chapter nine, "The Grieving of Gawain," was written out 7-2-2007, on near 3 environs not put into this story, called, "The Boy Soldier," which entailed the Green Knight get-together of a solider during the Crusades, and the boy (Flu) consultation in brief on the be passionate about of a woman, and in the antemeridian the boy is absent. In essence, younker has its wisdom, even still at times it seems inept. It was a sketch that was not needed, as well backhand the 2nd of July. This account has through rather powerfully on the Internet a day after it was printed accomplished. The genre sort and duologue was through with in a specialized way, on beside the message.

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